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Fancy Farms Popcorn achieves automated Inventory, Traceability, Recall Capabilities, and Food-Safe Certification

Fancy Farm Popcorn grows, harvests, stores, processes, and packages corn on their Southeast Missouri farm. They are the first in the industry to provide their customers with a variety of kits which include everything needed for a delicious batch of popcorn.

To expand their market and to include private labeling for larger customers, they set out to implement food-safe certification including formal auditable lot traceability and recall capabilities.

This need, combined with production volumes and rapid growth, made paper and excel based systems intractable. Fancy Farms increased volume also required a system to accurately track inventory locations through the facility and process while implementing detailed production planning and controls.

This is where Vittles came in; to automate and computerize the traceability and recall processes throughout the Fancy Farms facility.

Today, all inventory is barcoded and Fancy Farms has live inventory control with up to the second visibility on inventory quantities by silo, tank, drum, and pallet with the drum and pallet locations all controlled by warehouse rack location for easy retrieval and shipping. Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory, and Sales now match every single month.

The mock recall process for a raw material lot through to the full customer shipment recall list now takes less than 60 seconds.