Nutraceutical Manufacturing ERP Software

Recipes safeguarded, costs controlled

Managing costs is crucial, especially when margins are tight. You struggle with recipe management and need it all stored in a safe centralized location. You often have to track different inventories, and your product’s quality is critical, but it’s hard to make sure the product is made right without over-committing resources. 

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The Mar-Kov Solution

Our nutraceutical ERP software has clever formulation management features so that you can securely retain proprietary formulations. You can generate batch tickets scaled to the exact size you want, and plan material requirements with ease. 

Track your entire inventory from raw material to finished goods and know exactly what you have, what you need to make, and when it will be ready to ship. Use our advanced Material Requirements Planning functionality to ensure you have exactly what you need to execute flawless batches. 

Mar-Kov’s nutraceutical ERP intuitively integrates with your accounting software and equipment so that you can track test results over time to identify issues with suppliers, products, and processors. What’s more, our expert implementation team helps you get up to speed so you can get used to your upgraded processes.

A manufacturing ERP that provides secure, complete traceability and automated inventory management for all batches. Effortlessly adjust purity with our automated World Class MES function.

The Mar-Kov Impact

With Mar-Kov, you will:

Create a high-quality product every time
Easily avoid over-stocking
Safely retain proprietary formulations with secure formulation management
Manage profitability with detailed cost tracking
Review margins and costs of goods sold instantly
Track all testing results in a centralized location
Advanced Material Requirements Planning
Complete traceability
Automated inventory management
Automated purity adjustments with World Class MES

More Features

Complete Traceability
Inventory Management
Automatic Purity Adjustment