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You have to adapt to a shifting regulatory landscape and you struggle to manage inventory manually. At the same time, you need to know what you have in stock when it expires, and what you need to make. 

You also need to collect data on costs and analyze it without the hassle. Capturing all of your test results and CofAs is a challenge, and maintaining high-quality batches is a bumpy ride.

What you want is an all-encompassing, seed-to-sale solution that provides quality & consistency time and time again. Mar-Kov’s Cannabis ERP software solution does just that. 

Mar-Kov’s Cannabis ERP Software Solution

Mar-Kov’s ERP manufacturing software is utilized by Schedule 1 drug pharmaceutical manufacturers and cosmetic/food/nutraceuticals. We ensure pharmaceutical-level traceability and the brilliant features you need to make your product.

Our cannabis ERP system allows you to track the testing of all raw and finished goods in one location. Integrate with your scales and Mar-Kov can tell the operator exactly what to dispense and automatically adjust the weight of active ingredients based on lot potency. 

Mar-Kov is a World Class MES that provides automatic purity adjustment. We also integrate with your accounting software, e-Commerce platforms, and any equipment. That’s how you can achieve complete traceability effortlessly with Mar-Kov. 

We automate inventory management and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) with ease. You can have tight control over your costing, without any hassle:  our expert implementation team will help you get to grips with our powerful features.

The Mar-Kov Impact

With Mar-Kov, you will:

Be able to completely automate full traceability
Store all test results easily within one centralized location
Maintain GMP in shifting regulatory environments
Easily determine costs and margins to adjust strategy
Avoid late deliveries and time wasted recounting inventory
Automatic purity adjustment
Track the testing of all raw and finished goods
Integrate with scales and other equipment

More Features

Complete Traceability
Inventory Management
Automatic Purity Adjustment