No need for disruption, though

You can integrate Mar-Kov with your current ERP system or use the full software to see real-time inventory levels as batching occurs. Mar-Kov’s MES users also get:

The computer-assisted weighing, blending and packing out of manufacturing orders
Accurate real-time inventory visibility and quality control status
Enhanced, faster, and more reliable re-weigh and co-mingle operations
Software supervision for each step of the batching operation to ensure that all steps are performed as defined in the process specification
MSDS and HMIS information are displayed as required throughout
Automated equipment cleaning and sanitization checks before usage
Customizable EBSs (Electronic Batch Sheets)
The elimination of manual data entry errors by collecting data at the source
A 10-30% increase in manufacturing efficiencies
Complete lot traceability with container level tracking of source materials
Material consumption information sent back to the host ERP in seconds
Integration to any host system: Oracle, SAP, Batchmaster, MFG/PRO Data3, etc
The ability to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
An application that can run on Pocket PCs or Pen tablets for a thin client environment
Barcoding used throughout to ensure accuracy
Adjustments completed correctly through integrated process testing and automated data analysis
The automatic correction of quantities based on purity as required, determining the adequate amount of filler
Gang weighing is supported for increased efficiency
Ingredients filtered by workstation based on security, size of the pour, and other criteria
Signatures for operator and checker which can be individually configured for each operation
Consistently correct weighing amount thanks to scale integration
Barcode control which ensures operators are weighing out the correct product
Quarantine and expiry dates are enforced to follow GMP
Packaging and filling processes managed to ensure perfect product systematically
Automatic updates of inventory as the product are used and created in real time
Integration with PLC equipment
Integration to your accounting software or ERP (enterprise resource planning) for real time inventory updates
The ability to track labor for each order
Easily accessible batch progress and completion times are automatically updated
Batch Manufacturer MES

What is a manufacturing execution system (MES)?

An MES is a comprehensive software system that tracks all of a manufacturer’s processes from raw materials to finished products. MES software can provide real-time data to batch manufacturers and can contribute to overall productivity, efficiency, and profitability. For industries that are heavily regulated like the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, it is especially important to have a world-class MES software like Mar-Kov to stay compliant. Here are some key aspects of MES:

  • Product Tracking
  • Data Collection
  • Process Monitoring
  • Quality Management
  • Work Instructions
  • Inventory Management
  • Compliance & Traceability
  • Performance Analysis
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Scalability

More Features

Inventory Management
Formulation Control
Email Notifications
Purchase and Sales Orders