The Mar-Kov Story

Our Mission

We believe there’s a better way of batch manufacturing. That’s why our mission is to help batch processes excel through technology.

Got a good product? We’ll help you make it! We build feature-rich applications designed to support factory floor operations, specifically tailored to the vertical markets we focus on (Food, Cosmetics, Pharma, and Paint). We give batch manufacturers the tools and information they need to succeed.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, building long-lasting and highly valuable relationships with them. This includes a focus on the successful implementation of our product in the complex environments we serve.

Mar-Kov’s Values

Build and maintain long-term relationships
Communicate directly and honestly
Confront and understand complexity
Build resilience through diversity
Value long-term technical knowledge
Improve incrementally

How it all started

We began by providing custom solutions for batch manufacturers to supervise dispensing and manage the shop floor. Since our inception, we have got more and more referrals from companies that needed our expertise, so we began working exclusively with Batch Manufacturers.

Mar-Kov’s software was conceived out of real-world challenges process manufacturers like you came to us to solve. Facilities told us:

Our operators make mistakes during batching – Mar-Kov created software to Direct and Check the operators through execution. We direct them the next correct step and check to make sure the executed correctly.

Our staff can’t find material in the warehouse: Mar-Kov programmed a robust warehouse management system to track ever container and keep inventory accurate.

Our team makes expensive errors on the bottling line: Mar-Kov expanded its software to provide its powerful Direct and Check functionality to manage filling and packaging lines.

With each successive project our feature set grew richer and richer until we had the premier batch and process manufacturing software on the market. Each project is an opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of your unique challenges and industry nuances. This iterative learning and development approach has crafted a software suite that’s not only feature-rich but also backed by a team deeply rooted in the batch manufacturing domain.

Mar-Kov brings you a feature rich software and a team that understands the batch manufacturing industry and the challenges you face. Let’s work together and forge the pathway to your company’s elevated efficiency and success.

Don’t take our word for it…