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Sweet Jubilee – Perfectly Positioned To Grow with National Retailers with ERP Software

Sweet Jubilee Gourmet – Customer Profile

Sweet Jubilee’s handcrafted sweets, treats and snacks are where fancy meets fun for every-day indulgences and special, seasonal occasions.  To grow its business, Sweet Jubilee Gourmet turned to Mar-Kov to deliver the Safe Quality Food (SQF) compliance and EDI integration that is a must-have for national retailers.


·         EDI integration

·         SQF compliant traceability

·         Accurate inventory counts and control

·         Automatic data entry into Quickbooks

A boutique, artisanal confectioner, Sweet Jubilee knew its error-prone, time-consuming pen/pencil system would never provide the accurate traceability so many of its customers needed. As importantly, Sweet Jubilee had to eliminate the raw ingredient and finished product stockouts that negatively affected order delivery and customer satisfaction.

A Mar-Kov project manager’s site visit and process review helped Sweet Jubilee map and restructure complex production steps. As a result, standard operating procedures now ensure products end up in the right seasonal variety packs with the all of the necessary sprinkles, decorations and coatings.

“The onsite visit was very helpful to ensure smooth roll out. It helped tease out all of our requirements and ensured the project was a success.”

Sweet Jubilee consistently meets production and delivery targets and aces audits with the help of barcode scanning that monitors raw materials and finished products and automatically creates an end-to-end traceability log.

Because Mar-Kov monitors exactly how much of each ingredient goes into every batch, Sweet Jubilee is in control of everything from inventory and related costs to product quality and consistency.

With sophisticated, but user-friendly inventory control, MES and MRP capabilities, Sweet Jubilee is perfectly positioned to produce, distribute and sell its tasty treats, snacks and sweets to national retailers.