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Mar-Kov integrates directly to your scales for perfect dispensing and accuracy every time. Every batch is up to par and you have full control over execution and inventory.

How our integration with scales works

When it is time to dispense an order, the operator weighs out the ingredient on the connected scale.
Mar-Kov connects to the scale from a local computer using a serial port or Bluetooth.
The software monitors the weighing and prompts the operator when it is complete.
The raw ingredient inventory is automatically updated in the background.
The operator can mark a container empty in real-time for live reconciliation.

We can help you deal with active ingredients that change in potency on a lot-by-lot basis. It will automatically adjust what needs to be dispensed based on the lot’s potency and the recipe’s requirements to ensure the perfect amount is dispensed every time.

The end result

Your operators dispense the perfect amount every batch. Your ERP is automatically updated with inventory changes in real-time. You get consistently correct weighing amounts and you can count on automated weight verification during receiving, cycle counting, and shipping.

PLC Equipment

Mar-Kov integrates with your PLC equipment to provide you with unprecedented automation on the shop floor. You can seamlessly pilot your whole operation with Mar-Kov through effortless automated processes.

How our integration with PLC equipment works

Mar-Kov integrates to your equipment’s OPC server.
The recipes you build in Mar-Kov can send commands to the PLC.
As your team executes batches Mar-Kov prompts operators to add ingredients, instructs the PLC to dispense the right amount of material and commands the equipment to blend, mix and heat your batch to perfection.
During batching, Mar-Kov can automatically pull data like temperature and mix speed from the historian to have an integrated batch record that tracks all of the operator and PLC actions in one location.

The end result

You get a world-class MES that swiftly grows as you scale. You eliminate sources of batching error by automating the floor. As you build new recipes, you can use the existing integration to combine whichever functions you need.


Mar-Kov connects to your Shopify account to automate Sales order entry from your e-Commerce site. You’ll know exactly what orders to fulfil as they come in, with all the information you need in one single place.

How our integration with Shopify works

As people place orders on your website, Shopify updates Mar-Kov in real time.
Mar-Kov collects those orders and automatically adds them to the shipping teams’ packing list.
The software checks the new inventory demand against the minimum inventory level of your goods and runs your Material Requirements Plan (MRP) to let you know what you need to make and what you need to buy to restock.

The end result

Your team no longer needs to manually process orders or worry about dropping below minimum inventory levels. You can focus on delighting your customers, one perfectly executed order at a time.

Large commercial partners require you to work through EDI. We make that effortless for you to achieve so you can target the accounts that make a difference.

How our integration with EDI works

Mar-Kov receives Customer orders sent via EDI.
The software checks existing inventory and notifies purchasing of what ingredients they need to purchase, production of what they need to make, and shipping of what they need to ship. It’s all automated, so there’s no need to do anything manually.
When you are ready to ship, Mar-Kov lets the client know what is coming and when they should expect it.
With automatically-generated barcodes, you can then seamlessly track orders as they move through the warehouse.

The end result

Your team will never have to manually fulfil orders or log into a third party to locate orders again. Mar-Kov automates receiving orders, generating invoices and calculating the Material Requirements Plan (MRP) so that your team can focus on the bigger issues. 

With powerful automation at hand, you can effortlessly scale your business without worrying about basic tasks – Mar-Kov does those for you.