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Food Manufacturer 24-Hour ROI & Return to Profitability with Vittles’ MRP

Chinook Seedery – Customer Profile

Chinook’s tasty, healthy sunflower seeds are available nationwide on Amazon, Shopify and from 3,000 retailers. Chinook became a sustainable business with consistent profits and satisfied customers 24 hours after the seedery implemented Mar-Kov’s MRP software.


·         24-hour ROI, immediate return to profitability

·         Founder/sales manager free to focus on sales instead of admin

·         Accurate, on-time deliveries and invoices restore customer confidence

·         Instant access to precise, real-time digital records

·         Fully integrated with QuickBooks

·         FDA  and FSMA compliant traceability

“Chinook now has the real-time, accurate information we need to make crucial business decisions and run the company more efficiently and cost-effectively,”

Kraig Schexnayder, COO, Chinook Seedery.

Mar-Kov’s batch control software delivered an extraordinary 24-hour ROI because it immediately replaced the part-time employees that had manually created and managed Chinook’s paperwork. The management team also leveraged Vittles’ cost-of-goods reports to price products to maintain margins and ensure long-term sustainability. At Chinook, raw ingredients account for about 33% of total costs and managers expect costs will drop as they use Vittles’ data to plan bulk orders and negotiate volume discounts.

The MRP software seamlessly matches raw ingredient requirements and schedules production, packaging, order assemblies, shipping and invoicing based on customers’ orders. As a result, consumers, distributors and retailers get exactly what they ordered delivered within an acceptable timeframe.

Consumers with a passion for super healthy sunflower seeds now get the great taste they expect every time because all of Chinook’s recipes are carefully recorded and instantly accessible in Vittles. Before Mar-Kov, the lead mixer relied on his experience and intuition to create each batch of perfectly seasoned sunflowers. Vittles also stores every detail pertaining to Chinook’s ingredients, production and shipping data which ensures FDA Food Safety Modernization Act compliance.

“In 24 hours, Vittles put Chinook back in the black and helped us revolutionize the way we manage our business,” says Kraig. “Mar-Kov gave me a crash course in everything that’s unique to food manufacturing.”