Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

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Storing all your chemical manufacturing formulations is challenging. Changing lead times compromises on-time production, and inaccurate inventory is only a few slips away. Test results are difficult to track to see if supplier material is evolving over time. You need a solution that will encapsulate all of the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis. 

Mar-Kov’s chemical manufacturing ERP software is that solution.

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Mar-Kov ERP for chemical manufacturing Solution

We have clever formulation control features so that you can securely retain proprietary formulations – painless recipe management for formulation serenity. You can generate batch tickets scaled to the exact size you want, and plan material requirements with ease. 

Our Chemical ERP software makes inventory management a piece of cake. Track your entire chemical manufacturing inventory from raw material to finished goods and know exactly what you have, what you need to make, and when it will be ready to ship. Use our advanced Material Requirements Planning functionality to ensure you have exactly what you need to execute batches. 

We integrate with your accounting software and equipment so that you can track test results over time to identify issues with suppliers, products, and processors. What’s more, our expert implementation team helps you get up to speed so you can get used to your upgraded processes. Our document automation features give you full control over all the crucial documents that help you run things smoothly. 

In short, with Mar-Kov’s chemical manufacturing ERP gives you total visibility over your chemical production process.

The Mar-Kov Impact

With Mar-Kov, you will:

Easily avoid over-stocking
Safely retain proprietary formulations with secure formulation management
Manage profitability with detailed cost tracking
Create a high-quality product every time
Review margins and costs of goods sold instantly
Track all testing results in a centralized location
Painless recipe management
Generate batch tickets to whatever size you want
Plan material requirements
Document automation

More Features

Inventory Management
Recipe Management
Document Control