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ERP Solution For Ice Cream Manufacturing

Automatically manage inventory, traceability, and HACCP compliance.

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Managing costs is crucial, especially when margins are tight. You struggle with recipe management and need it all stored in a safe centralized location. You often have to track different inventories, and your product’s quality is critical, but it’s hard to make sure the product is made right without over-committing resources.

Ice Cream Batch Manufacturing

Mar-Kov’s ERP Solution for Ice Cream Manufacturing

Mar-Kov’s Ice cream ERP solution makes compliance with GMP and FDA standards simple through the platform’s integrated lot-controlled and barcoded inventory technology. Our platform provides  full forwards and backward traceability with automatically generated, seamless systems that enforce HACCP. Mar-Kov will also allow you to impeccably manage recipes and have control over formulation. 

No need to disrupt your workflow: our manufacturing ERP integrates with your existing accounting software, e-Commerce platforms, scales, PLC, and more. Your team will start up smoothly thanks to our expert implementation team who helps you get up to speed. 

Not only are your complete traceability concerns taken care of, but your costs are controlled too. Our Sales Analysis tools let you visualize your margins and cost of goods sold in real-time, with the click of a button. 

Know exactly what you have in stock and where it is with barcoded inventory management. You’ll know all of your costs and margins because our food ERP tracks what lots you used in what batch, and the labor required to make it.

ice cream erp software

Moo Thru Ice Cream: ERP Solution Case Study

Becoming FSMA Compliant With Mar-Kov ERP Software

Moo Thru chose Mar-Kov after looking at over 100 different software packages. With Mar-Kov’s food manufacturing software they now have:

  • Mock recall in 2 minutes
  • Automated, electronic batch records, bar-coded inventory, and recipes put accurate, real-time data at employees’ fingertips
  • Automated testing of batch record/data, cross-referencing, and retrieval of receiving, production, and shipping records
  • Integrating Vittles and QuickBooks gives MooThru viable food-manufacturing ERP software
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