Your ultimate batch manufacturing solution

We help you breeze through every step of the manufacturing process. Industry-leading tools, clever features, and complete integration.

The Lite Plan

The straight-to-the-point, no-fuss tool for tracking inventory as you execute batches

Industries: Paint, Coatings, and Chemicals.

No-sweat inventory level monitoring
Improve recipe management without having to track individual lots
Automated batch tickets
Effortless implementation
Batch manufacturing essentials in one place

The Growth Plan

Powerful barcode labeling to track inventory, ensure traceability and foolproof tracking testing

Industries: Food, Pharma, and Cosmetics.

Everything in the Lite plan
Flawless full lot traceability and inventory control
Instant calculation of margins and costs of goods sold
Easy access to tracking testing for raw and finished goods
FEFO and FIFO lot order staging

With the trial version of the software you get Mar-Kov’s legendary ERP software. 


Get Mar-Kov’s legendary ERP software with our free trial

Recipe Management

Get full control of your recipes with our manufacturing recipe management software. You can manage your coating, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, cannabis and chemical recipes – all the tools you need to consistently make your best products. 

  • Develop recipes with full process specifications
  • Eliminate errors commonly found in manually generated recipes
  • ​​Speed up product development by visually constructing recipes including process instructions and testing specifications

Inventory Management

Know exactly what you have in stock and move things flawlessly throughout the warehouse with barcoded inventory

  • Generate Batch Sheets based on order information
  • Track actual results of batches, including quantities consumed and yield produced
  • Trace raw material lot usage in manufactured product

Lot Code Traceability

From full traceability with the Growth plan to keeping the most crucial traceability concerns in check with Lite

  • Track samples and test results for raw materials and manufactured products
  • Full end to end traceability in minutes.
  • Stress free audits

Cost Management

Tracking individual lots? Mar-Kov Growth shows your margins and costs on a lot-by-lot basis – run your business better with a constant overview of costs, at a glance. 

  • Calculate finished product costs and components/CAS based on ingredient definitions
  • Easily track multiple packaging options for each product, complete with costing for each packaging option