Welcome to WSWA 2024: Embrace the Mar-Kov Difference

Welcome, WSWA attendees! Mar-Kov is excited to present our cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize alcohol manufacturing. Our feature-rich platform is designed to address the unique challenges faced by alcohol manufacturers, ensuring efficiency, quality, and compliance.

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Learn Why Alcohol Producers Love Mar-Kov

Maximize Your Margins:

Know your margins and cost of goods sold with our automated daily calculations. With Mar-Kov, gain real-time insights to drive smarter business strategies.

Simplify your Reporting:

Accurate production reporting is crucial for compliance with TTB regulations. Mar-Kov streamlines reporting, mitigating the risk of governmental penalties and ensuring peace of mind.

Get World Class MES

Our Manufacturing Execution System ensures each batch meets specifications while automating paperwork. Operators can make every batch, the right way.
Automatic inventory updates and Electronic Batch Records streamline operations and enhance traceability. Run a recall in a minute.

Superior Inventory Management

Our MRP (Material Requirements Planning) system keeps your inventory precise. Avoid production delays due to stock outs or unnecessary capital in excess inventory.

Efficient Warehouse Management:

Every item is barcode tracked and labeled. Know the precise location and quantity of every container and prevent using the wrong ingredients.

Targeted Solutions for Every Role

  • Presidents/Owners/CEOs: Access all critical business information instantly. Scale efficiently and access new markets without increasing headcount.
  • CFOs: Instantly know your costs, inventory, and TTB reporting requirements. Seamlessly integrate with existing accounting systems like QuickBooks and Sage.
  • Production Teams: Stay updated on every batch status. Ensure perfect production every time with our MES.
  • Purchasing: Receive accurate inventory data. Our system predicts what you need to produce and purchase, optimizing your procurement process.
  • Shipping: Eliminate paperwork with a system that automatically generates invoices, waybills, bills of lading, and CofAs.
  • Quality Departments: Track the testing of every lot and raw. Store incoming CofAs and automatically generate your own for outgoing.

Replace cumbersome Excel spreadsheets with our purpose-built solution. Avoid the strain and communication breakdowns as you grow. Mar-Kov is designed for batch manufacturing, ensuring fewer errors and enhanced collaboration.

While traditional Alcohol ERPs focus on accounting, Mar-Kov is crafted from the production floor up. Enjoy top-tier batching software while retaining your preferred accounting system.

Take Control of your Manufacturing with Software that Works.

Explore Our Success Stories

Discover how companies like 3V have overcome challenges similar to those in the alcohol industry with Mar-Kov’s solutions.

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Dive into the future of alcohol manufacturing with Mar-Kov. Our comprehensive features, tailored to the unique needs of the industry, set us apart. Let’s discuss how we can elevate your production, compliance, and profitability. Contact us today to learn more!

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