With Mar-Kov, you can run a full mock recall in minutes. You’ll have full end-to-end lot traceability, with auto-generated lot numbers and inventory barcodes. As batches are executed, Mar-Kov creates automated Electronic Batch Records (EBR) - there’s a full EBR for every batch, as well as track testing and quality approval. You’ll be able to capture Certificates of Analysis (C of As) for raw goods, track expiry dates and show test results for all raw and finished goods.

Full end-to-end traceability

Mar-Kov automatically completes electronic batch records as your team executes batches. Every step, signoff, and testing is captured automatically – you can search through your historic batch record and review anything you have ever made. You can use Mar-Kov to confidently ensure full GMP compliance.

You can store all vendor CofA’s in an easily searchable database, tracking all test results of raw, in process, and finished goods. You can manage expiry dates and electronic quarantine in Mar-Kov’s barcode system to enforce full GMP compliance.

Trace Child

Flawlessly tracing finished goods

Trace Child is the genius feature that will allow you to trace everything that was made or shipped with an ingredient or component lot. When you search for a lot, you’ll be able to sort and filter by

Lot number (internal, manufacturer, or supplier)
Supplier name, manufacturer name
Date of order, date of receipt, date of manufacture/production, expiry date
Item code (supplier/internal) or item description

You can see all the information you have stored for each lot, including test results and the manufacturers’ Certificates of Analysis (CofAs). You can instantly view all of the products made with this lot, including:

Date of production
Lot/batch numbers
All batch information recorded in production
Product testing records and Certificates of Analysis

You can also immediately retrieve all of the shipment information for impacted products like item, quantity and lot shipped, as well as the contact information for the customers shipped to.

Trace Parents

All product lots accounted for

With the Trace Parents report, you can trace everything that went into making any product lot. You can explore a 360 view of each product lot by searching, sorting, and filtering using a myriad of data points. You can even search for product lots by using client names and browsing through shipment dates.

Whenever you run the Trace Parents report, you’ll be able to see:

All the raw ingredients and lots that went into an item, including packaging.
Every manufacturing and packaging order that was involved, from raw goods to finished products.
A completed batch sheet for any order.
Every raw and finished lot’s inventory, including packaging.
Any machinery used on each order, with details on machinery cleaning, sanitization, and maintenance records.
Each lot’s testing results.
Certificates of Analysis (CofAs) for all ingredients and products as well as other certificates like organic or kosher certifications.

More Features

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