GMP and inventory management don’t have to be a headache.

Making sure your team is following GMP and proving GMP compliance is incredibly time-consuming. Knowing how much inventory you have, its test status and the costs of goods sold is difficult unless everyone works together. Full traceability, laboratory testing, and equipment maintenance – without the right tools, GMP is overwhelming.

That is why pharmaceutical manufacturing leaders turn to Mar-Kov’s all-in-one pharmaceutical manufacturing ERP software

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Mar-Kov’s ERP Solution For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Mar-Kov’s pharmaceutical ERP Software is a World Class MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that integrates with scales, runs your PLC equipment, tracks what lots were used, and who signed off on what. We’re committed to providing a World Class ERP system for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our clients love that the system automatically generates EBRs (Electronic Batch Records) – you can also have full control of recipe management and revision. 

We use intelligent automating to run things smoothly. Barcoding ensures that the correct item is being used every single time, applying electronic quarantine, testing, and expiry dates for lots. Mar-Kov also lets you use barcoding to enforce lot control in your inventory management. 

Your MES software should adapt to your team, and not the other way around. Mar-Kov’s pharmaceutical ERP software integrates with your scales and equipment to manage dispensing so that the amount adjusts automatically according to lot purity. Mar-Kov is also fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, which means our tools maintain compliance for you. 

Complete traceability is at the heart of Mar-Kov’s Pharmaceutical ERP: track test results for each raw ingredient, and get certificates of analysis (CofAs) for each lot. Our World Class MES gives you superior dispensing control and flawless inventory management. You can easily manage vendor approval and use lot-specific potency to automate dispensing.

The Mar-Kov Impact

With Mar-Kov, you will:

Save labor costs by streamlining your dispensing
Automate EBR so you can ensure full compliance without having to worry about it
Get perfect batches by integrating with your scales and PLC
Track every test taken in the facility
Have full visibility on inventory thanks to barcode control
Complete traceability
Dispensing control with automated lot-specific potency and inventory management
Manage vendor approval

More Features

Complete Traceability
Superior Dispensing Control
Inventory Management