Cosmetic Manufacturing ERP Software

Recipes safeguarded, costs controlled

Managing costs is crucial, especially when margins are tight. You struggle with recipe management and need it all stored in a safe centralized location. You often have to track different inventories, and your product’s quality is critical, but it’s hard to make sure the product is made right without over-committing resources.

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Mar-Kov’s Cosmetic ERP Software Solution

Mar-Kov’s cosmetic ERP platform facilitates perfect batch execution every time, through tight formulation control and scale integration. You will have complete traceability and Electronic Batch Records (EBRs) as well as barcode control of inventory so that you can track location, expiry date, and testing. Powerful inventory and recipe management, all in one place. 

Know exactly what you have in stock and where it is with barcoded inventory. You’ll know all of your costs and margins because Mar-Kov is tracking what lots you used in what batch, and the labor required to make it thanks to our cosmetics ERP developed with efficiency improvements in mind.

Track all of your formulation revisions, client approval, and orders. Every time an order comes in, Mar-Kov’s ERP software can calculate the material requirement plan to determine what you need to make and what you need to buy to deliver on time, every time.

The Mar-Kov Impact

With Mar-Kov, you will:

Reduce your inventory costs
Spend less time running material requirement planning on spreadsheets
Focus on sourcing new goods
Review margins and costs of goods sold instantly
Reduce batching and packaging errors
Have happy customers
Gain the confidence of knowing what is making you money
Tight formulation control and recipe management
Scale integration
Complete traceability
Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

More Features

Complete Traceability
Inventory Management
Recipe Management