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Paint Company improves Margins by 30% with Mar-Kov Software

Stephanie Kelly, Titan’s quality manager, likes every single thing about Mar-Kov’s batch control MRP software, from the same-day ROI and 30% profitability increase to the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing the data Titan needs to operate is safe and secure in the cloud. Titan needed to replace their 30-year-old, unsupported legacy software and chose Mar-Kov to help them manage their business.

Titan now uses Mar-Kov’s software to track their recipes and formulations. These formulations form the heart of the business, and the team feels much more secure now that the recipes are off of their unsupported software and on Mar-Kov’s solution. They can now control recipe access and feel confident all of their batch tickets are accurate and up to date. Now when they receive a customer order Mar-Kov software can reference the recipe and the existing raw inventory so Titan can now rapidly meet their customer’s short lead times.

With Mar-Kov tracking costing information and sales Titan has been able to leverage Mar-Kov’s reports to drastically reduce costs. Mar-Kov provided the information Titan needed to review their raw material prices and the impacts on sales margins. Based on the data, Titan was able to source alternative suppliers and better manage drum deposits. These improvements alone improved margins by 30%.

Mar-Kov’s QuickBooks integration has taken over the manual data entry into QuickBooks and improved the accuracy of margins and costs of goods sold. Now Mar-Kov automatically generates and emails invoices for customers on shipments. Employees no longer need to do double data entry, saving them significant time and reducing errors. Titan can now use QuickBooks to handle accounts payable and accounts receivable and general ledger with accurate and up to date information provided by Mar-Kov.

Titan continues to grow and manage their business with Mar-Kov. Titan relies on Mar-Kov to manage their recipes, generate batch tickets, input data into QuickBooks, and manage inventory levels. Titan can use the time they save and the reports that Mar-Kov provides to continue to improve their business.