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How to create a Workstation

How to create a Workstation

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Work Instruction

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Workstation Configuration allows you to define where a particular computer is, which label printers it uses, how it loads scanned documents and which scales it may use. These settings are independent of the User currently logged into CMS.

To create a Workstation, go to Administration >> Configuration >> Workstation Configuration.
Select ‘New’:

Enter the name of your computer. You can find it under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings in the Properties of your PC.

Save the Workstation.

Setting up Printers

Specify the label printers to use by selecting the printer from the drop-down list.

Setting up Scales

Prerequisites: You must have Scale Resources created before proceeding to this step.
Specify which Scales can be used from this computer. You can do this by entering the Resource Code of the scale, or by clicking the ‘…’ button and selecting the scale from the list.

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