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How can I adjust the tolerance allowed on expected yield

The global tolerance of a batched product is set during the configuration process and cannot be defined per recipe at this point in time. However, individual ingredient tolerance for the ingredient used during the batching process can be defined in the recipe. These ingredient tolerances are entered in the percent over and percent under fields.

How do I account for creating more product than expected

Mar-Kov requires you to enter the actual amount of product yielded after the execution process. This information is used to calculate the expected versus actual yield of the recipe. This information can always be accessed through at a later date.

Can you have different a different packaging order for the same bulk product

You are able to have multiple packaging recipes for the same bulk products. For simple packouts, the demand tab can be used to create multiple packages at the same time.

Is it possible to generate an SDS

Mar-Kov can automatically generate an SDS in the Waybill program provided you have created one thorough the GHSAuth program.

Only resources of type Vessel, Pail, and Scale can to be assigned to Rooms, why not Equipment?

Mar-Kov assumes resources under Equipment are movable and so does not limit them to Rooms.

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