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How to Reweigh, Remeasure, and Dispose

How to Reweigh, Remeasure, and Dispose

Tutorial Video

Work Instruction

Click here to download the instruction in PDF format.

Reweighing Inventory

To reweigh the container, go to Transactions >> Inventory >> Reweigh/Remeasure:

Scan a container:

Scan a scale that you’re going to weigh the container with:

Place the container on the scale and specify the gross or net quantity:

You can also specify a tare weight by selecting ‘…’ button:

Hit Save.

Remeasuring Inventory

To correct the quantity in the container, scan a container on the form:

Enter the correct quantity the fields as shown:

Disposing of the Container

On the form with scanned container, select the ‘Dispose’ button:

The quantity will be adjusted to 0, and the container will be deleted from the system:

Modifying Lot Quantity

On the Reweigh/Remeasure form, press the Ctrl + B keys (or click the barcode button) and enter the Item Code:

Update the quantity and save the form:

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