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How to Move Containers and Assemblies

How to Move Containers and Assemblies

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Moving Containers

This function allows you to move a container or an assembly to an existing location in the system.

Prerequisites: You must have bins and items created before proceeding to this step.

Select “Move Container” from the Home Screen or click Transactions >> Inventory >> Move Container in the main menu.

Select the container you wish to move by scanning its barcode label. You may also type in its container code by clicking the barcode button and entering the container name:

You may move multiple containers and assemblies (a group of containers, like a pallet) as well:

Another way to do this is by multi-selecting on the Inventory Set Viewer, right clicking, and selecting Move Container:

When all containers and assemblies have been scanned, you may scan or enter a location code. This will move all scanned containers into that new location:

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