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How to Create a Maintenance Schedule

How to Create a Maintenance Schedule

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To create a Maintenance Schedule, you need to set up a Maintenance Group that would include one or more Maintenance Schedule Items. Maintenance Schedule Item is an actual maintenance task, which stores an instruction for maintaining a resource. It is performed on a predetermined schedule and is required to make a resource usable. Maintenance Group is created for storing those separate maintenance tasks (items). The group of maintenance tasks is then assigned to a particular resource, which allows you to define the maintenance procedure more efficiently.

Maintenance Group

To update Maintenance Groups right-click the Maintenance Group field and select this option from the list:

Select New:

Pick the Resource Type from the list and enter the Description. Note that each Maintenance Group can only be used with one type of resource but can be used for multiple resources of the same type. Each resource can only be assigned to one Maintenance Group.

Specify the Schedule Items.

Maintenance Schedule Item

To update Maintenance Schedule Items right-click the Schedule Item field and select this option from the list:

Select New:

In this field, you must specify the following:

  • Description
  • Resource Type – the type of Resource that this item applies to
  • Schedule Type – the type of schedule to be used
  • Depending on the Schedule Type, you might also need to specify
    • Frequency – how often this maintenance is scheduled
    • Early Start – how far ahead of schedule the maintenance may be done.
    • Start Date – the date that the maintenance first became or will become active for performing.

You can detail the steps to take when doing the maintenance on the Specification tab. Note that it is not necessary to enter details here if the Description and Explanation on the General tab have sufficient information for your purposes.

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