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How to Automatically Number Item Codes

How to Automatically Number Item Codes

Work Instruction

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During implementation of Mar-Kov, item code identification is required for all items used and produced in manufacturing (i.e. raw materials, packaging components, bulk, finished goods, consumables, etc.). For companies that have not already established item codes, or wish to move towards consistent identification, we allow for automatic numbering of an item code.

Setting up automatic numbering for item codes will require assistance from a Customer Success Manager. Please contact your Customer Success Manager and let them know the Item Prefix and Code Length (whole number only) you wish to use to define new items created in your database.

Once set up, you are no longer required to manually enter an Item Code for new item creation, as Mar-Kov will automatically define it for the item. However, Mar-Kov will allow for an Item Code to be manually defined, provided it is not a duplicate code.

To set up an Item, select the Items icon from the display menu:

Select New:

Select the most relevant prototype to be used:

Select OK for Mar-Kov to generate an Item Code based on the defined sequence:

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