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Final In-Process Testing in Packaging Execution

Final In-Process Testing in Packaging Execution

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Work Instruction

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A Final In-Process Testing (FIPT) is a type of testing that is executed at the completion of a manufacturing orders. For packaging orders, the FIPT test is triggered by executing the test step in the End Lot section of the order.

To setup FIPT tests for a product, the tests must be added to the item via Master Tables >> Item Updates >> Item Update, in the Testing tab. You must flag the tests as production tests by checking the “On Production” checkbox, as well as ensure that the Auto Approve check box is not checked. For more information, please consult the testing training material.

Pre-Requisites: You must have set up and released packaging orders and you must be comfortable with testing and packaging execution in general.

On Packaging Execution, go to the End Lot tab. Click the play button. Your test will be displayed.

Select Save to acknowledge the test and a sample will be taken from the test. You may then Complete the Order.

Enter Test Results and Disposition

In the Enter Test Results program, enter the results of your test. Save, and the program will prompt you to proceed to the Disposition Sublot form. You may now select a disposition for the sublot.

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