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Custard Stand make recalls easy with Mar-Kov Software

Custard stand makes delicious chili for distributors, retailers, and online customers. Appearing on the TV show Shark Tank dramatically increased interest in the product and sales. Custard Stand’s rapid growth strained the limits of Custard Stand’s Excel/paper system for tracking inventory and production. Large retailers, like Walmart, Kroger, and Sam’s Club continued to drive increasing product demand.

Staff were putting in overtime hours to ensure the paper based mock recalls were a success. These mock recalls involved retrieving and cross-referencing multiple receiving, production, and shipping records, going back and forth between records maintained in QuickBooks and the filing cabinet. Despite all the effort, there was always the fear a piece of paper would be misplaced, lost, or damaged by an errant cup of coffee.

Custard Stand worked with Mar-Kov to install a system that tracked inventory and lots using barcodes. Staff could now scan raw ingredients and Mar-Kov’s Vittles software would automatically update the inventory and build lot records. Vittles software then automatically updates QuickBooks with new stock levels.

Custard Stand now knows exactly what they have in stock. Mock recalls that used to take up enormous amounts of time and effort now only take a minute. With Vittles by Mar-Kov Custard Stand spends less time ensuring traceability and more time focusing on making delicious chili.