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What is the Lot number format and when is lot number assigned

Mar-Kov lot numbers are formatted as YYMMDDTTT or Julian format YYJJJTTT where Y-Year; D-Date; J-Julian Date and T – Transaction number. The length of the transaction number and the order of dates can be changed upon request. The Lot numbers are assigned upon receipt and/or creation of the inventory i.e during purchase receipt and manufacturing.

Does Mar-Kov allow for automated reports to be exported and emailed out to set of addresses

All the data in Mar-Kov that is presented in a table format can be extracted to excel and further emailed or saved. The email notifications can be sent to multiple people.

Does each separate batching/packaging line require separate computers running Mar-Kov?

If you wish to access the orders simultaneously, a different computer will be needed.

Is it possible to merge customer accounts in Mar-Kov

Unfortunately Mar-Kov does not have the ability to merge customers at this time.

“Cannot Start Application” or “Configuration Failed To initialise” error encountered when attempting to launch application

Follow the following steps to reinstall Mar-Kov

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Uninstall all instances of Mar-Kov
  3. Open File Explorer
  4. Enter “%localappdata%” in the address bar and hit
  5. Open the Apps folder
  6. Open the 2.0 folder
  7. Delete everything in the 2.0 folder
  8. Install CMS

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