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How to enter a Shipping Order (with Price List)

How to enter a Shipping Order (with Price List)

Tutorial Video

Work Instruction

Click here to download the instruction in PDF format.

Prerequisites: you have must have created the following before proceeding to this step:

  • Items
  • Bill To’s
  • Price List

To begin creating a Shipping Order, select “Sales/Shipping Order” from the Menu

This opens the Shipping Order form.

Select New and enter a customer code in the Ship To field.

Click on the ‘Price Lookup’ button to pick the Items to be sold from the Bill To’s price list:

Enter ‘Qty Ordered’ on the Item detail line to specify the quantity you wish to order.

Highlighting a row also summarizes information regarding the item:

Scan the barcode for each of the items to be shipped to assign that lot to this order.
Ensure that you save your progress by clicking the Save button.

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