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How to Create and Configure a Manual Scale

How to Create and Configure a Manual Scale

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Work Instruction

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This document provides an overview on how to create manual scales and how to configure them within Mar-Kov.
For more information on how to create Resources, please see the How to Create a Resource work instruction.

Scale Creation

To set up a Resource, select the Resources icon from the display menu or go to Master Tables >> Miscellaneous >> Resource Update.

Select New. Enter a resource code, a description, and select Scale as a resource type.

You may save your progress when complete.

Scale Configuration

To configure your scale, go to Master Tables >> Miscellaneous >> Scale Configuration.
Select Find, and select the scale you created.

Ensure that the mode is Manual. You may enter the scale units, the Min Weight, and Max Weight as shown.
The Grad refers to the smallest increment that the scale can display.
You may select Save to complete the configuration.

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