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How to create a Batching Library

How to create a Batching Library

Tutorial Video

Work Instruction

Click here to download the instruction in PDF format.

Batching Library

Note: In the example below, the Batching Recipe Library is shown. Note that everything in this Work Instruction document can be applied to the Packaging Recipe Library as well.
To use the Batching Recipe Library, go to Master Tables >> Recipe Manager >> Batching Recipe Library

Create a new group by dragging and dropping the ‘Folder’ icon onto the Library tree

Drag and drop the ‘Format’ instruction onto the Group:

Enter a name for the Format Instruction:

Type in the instruction in the Comment field:

Everything that is entered within square brackets will be considered a property that can be substituted on the individual recipe then this Format step is used on.
You can format the text or add pictures and parameters if you choose.

Hit Save.

Formatting instruction on the Recipe

To add a Format instruction to the Recipe procedure, go to the Procedure tab on the Batching Recipe form.

Select ‘Recipe Library’ button.

Drag and drop the Format step from the library onto the procedure.

The instruction will be added to the procedure tree.

You can fill in what you would like to display for temperature and time here.

The entered values will be displayed on the printed Batch Record and during procedure execution in Batch Execution/Package Execution.

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