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Batch Execution Workflow – Standard

Batch Execution Workflow – Standard

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Batch Execution Workflow – Standard

Prerequisites: prior to proceeding to this step you must have Batching Orders created, released, and the necessary inventory required to execute the order.

To launch the Batch Execution program, select the Batch Execution icon from the Home Menu.

You may either scan the Batching Order label or Find the Batching Order that you wish to execute.

When you have selected the order, the General tab of the Batch Execution form will display the order’s information. Each step in the execution process is also reflected in each tab.
Select the Green Check button to select this order.

If you are not pre-weighing, you may proceed to the Resources tab.
Ensure that any rooms and equipment are ready for use and all pre-ops are complete. Select the Sanitize Resources button and scan any resources you require for this execution. Save the Sanitize Resources form when done.

The next step is the Procedure tab. This tab contains all the raw materials and instructions needed. Scan a container for each raw material. You will be taken to the weighing screen.

Scan the scale that you wish to use to weigh the item.

The Min and Max values show the acceptable tolerances for weighing out the product. Enter the weight dispensed in the Weight field. Select Finish to move to the next weighment.

Repeat this step for all ingredients.
The next step is packaging and recording the yield. Proceed to the Packaging tab and select the Packaging button.

Specify the container that you wish to pack this product in the Cntr Type field. You may also specify how many containers you will need for this packout in the #containers field.

In the Per Cntr field, enter the amount you wish to place in each container. The Total field is the total amount of bulk product that was made for this execution.

Save when complete and the yield is recorded. The Mar-Kov system will prompt the sticker label for the bulk material.

You will notice that the bulk container is now shown in the Batch Execution window.

When everything is completed, you may finish executing the batching order by clicking the Mark Order Complete button.

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