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The Top Line

Surfacelogix needed to replace their aging software. With Mar-Kov’s software they now have:

  • Full view of inventory and instant material requirements planning.

  • All recipes securely stored and backed up.

  • Accurate Costing information on each of their recipes.

  • Automatic data entry into QuickBooks.

  • Full lot traceability.

“We were kind of set in our ways. After 10+ years of using the same software we were very reluctant to change. With Mar-Kov, things have worked out better than expected – we replaced all the functionality we had under our old software and have added new capabilities as well. Now we are in a really good place.”and chemical specifications really sold us because it gives us complete control and transparency

— John Daly, President of Surfacelogix

Hunting for a Solution


Surfacelogix, located in Pompano Beach, Florida, manufactures paver sealers, stains, and specialty coatings. For over 60 years, Surfacelogix (a Reliance Supply Company) has been providing quality products for the construction industry. Surfacelogix specialized products have played a key role in the construction of hotels and condominiums. Their product is sold through a network of distributors, as well as directly to contractors through their retail operation.

Surfacelogix was running an older system no longer supported by the developer. It was time for a change. Surfacelogix looked at this as an opportunity to implement a variety of operational improvements.

“We were kind of set in our ways. After 10+ years of using the same software we were very reluctant to change. With Mar-Kov, things have worked out better than expected – we replaced all the functionality we had under our old software and have added new capabilities as well. Now we are in a really good place.”

 John Daly, President of Surfacelogix


Time for a change


Surfacelogix had a list of requirements that they needed met and reviewed the industry to find a solution that would solve their issues.




Surfacelogix wanted to implement more effective materials requirements planning. At the time, determining which materials needed reorder was a full-time job. Now, they have both reduced the raw materials stock on hand while eliminating raw material stock outs which had previously slowed down production. Their production manager now has more time to walk the floor and work on other production issues.




Surfacelogix maintains hundreds of formulations, and is constantly developing new ones to meet the needs of a changing marketplace. Put in the context of fluctuating raw materials costs, an effective solution for pricing their formulations was an important requirement.

Mar-Kov CMS thoroughly meets this requirement, providing costing information for each product and package size.




The ability to track sampling and testing information for batches and traceability information of lot information from receiving through production and POS/shipping was an important requirement. Mar-Kov records raw material lot numbers for each batch produced. In process testing information is entered, and certificates of analysis are produced for each lot produced lot. Lots are recorded at shipping and POS.




Mar-Kov CMS interfaces closely with MS office products. Surfacelogix is now emailing order confirmations and invoices directly out of the system, and exporting data to excel for post processing and analysis.




With Surfacelogix legacy system, it was difficult to get timely support with questions, training, and technical issues that arise as part of day to day operations. With Mar-Kov they get hotline user support to quickly resolve any issues.

“The key is Mar-Kov support is unlike any other company we’ve dealt with. Mar-Kov has found the right balance to give us access to knowledgeable people we need to answer our questions as they arise.”

John Daly, President of Surfacelogix




Surfacelogix, like many small to midsize coatings manufacturers, operates a retail operation out of its manufacturing facility. From here they sell direct to contractors throughout the Miami area. Mar-Kov CMS provides Point of Sale functionality specialized to process manufacturers. Like with the larger orders Surfacelogix ships to their distributors, product lots are tracked through the process.




Mar-Kov is committed to providing best of breed solutions to process manufacturers without re-inventing the wheel for functional areas that do not require specialization. For this reason, Mar-Kov customarily interfaces to Accounting solutions selected by their clients.

Mar-Kov CMS includes a complete standard off-the-shelf interface to QuickBooks at minimal cost. In the case of Surfacelogix, QuickBooks was a natural selection. Mar-Kov was managing all inventory, order entry, and manufacturing functionality. QuickBooks was tasked with providing GL, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functionality. The Mar-Kov QuickBooks interface is seamless – there is no double-entry of information required whatsoever.


Best of Breed Solution


Mar-Kov CMS is designed specifically for process manufacturers, with specialized functionality for industries including Paints and Coatings, Chemicals, Adhesives, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and Flavor and Fragrance.

Vanilla ERPs fail to address critical functionality for the above industries such as detailed batch ticket and formulation design, sampling and testing, quarantine, certificates of analysis, direct interface to industrial scales, equipment maintenance logging, lot traceability, and weight/volume conversions. Mar-Kov’s business model is to provide a solution tailored to provide this functionality while delivering robust interfaces to host accounting and ERP systems.