Chemical Inventory Management / Warehousing

Increases efficiency with wireless warehousing and container level barcode tracking.


  • Print the MSDSs and C of As required for a shipment automatically based on products and lots being shipped.
  • Generate all labeling required for shipment of hazardous materials.
  • Produce all paperwork required for international shipments including those required for freight forwarding.
  • Pack out into customer defined container sizes is integrated with the shipping process.
  • Supports the use of shelf cans
  • Ensures that mixed lots get sampled and retested
  • Support for customer defined labeling
  • Web based customer self-serve
  • Order confirmation and advanced shipment notification using EDI or email technologies.
  • Fine-tuned for container level inventory tracking of chemicals, components, and finished goods
  • Bolts onto any ERP system in synchronous or asynchronous mode
  • Multiple warehouse/division support
  • Direct weigh scale integration for weight verification during receiving, cycle counting and shipping
  • Complete audit trail of all transactions
  • Easy to use context sensitive 'drill downs' to any level of detail
  • Many automated functions including shipping document preparation
  • Ability to view inventory snapshot at any time in the past
  • Perform cycle counts and physicals without shutting down operations
  • Wave picking for more efficient use of tow motor operators
  • Designed to meet the stringent requirements of the FDA with 21 CFR part 11 compliance
  • Designed to work in a 'thin client' environment, which lets the applications run on portable RF Pocket PCs or Pen tablets
  • Optional QC/LIMS module controls item/product testing and subsequent quality code changes