QuickBooks Process Manufacturing

QuickBooks Interface

Mar-Kov's software package for Process Manufacturers interfaces to QuickBooks, allowing companies with sophisticated manufacturing and inventory requirements to retain QuickBooks for accounting.

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Key features:

Mar-Kov Computer Systems has announced it provides a complete process manufacturing software package which interfaces to QuickBooks accounting.

This allows organizations whose process tracking requirements have outgrown those provided by QuickBooks a path forward where they retain QuickBooks for core accounting functions.

Mar-Kov CMS provides users the following functionality:

  • Track formulations and processing instructions
  • Electronic Batch Recording (EBR)
  • Track Inventory by Lot or Container
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  • Sales and Shipping
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Equipment Sanitization and Maintenance
  • Full papeless operation using barcoding throughout
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and HACCP compliance