Laboratory Information Management System

A full featured LIMS system that integrates with MES and Inventory Management.


  • Insures that all testing is performed according to product specification for both ingredients and bulk product.
  • Co-ordinates the approval of materials where multiple samples and approvals are required.
  • Prevents the use of unapproved or expired materials.
  • Support MSDS and Certificate of Analysis document storage and retrieval. These documents are directly linked to products and containers, and can be retrieved online.
  • Creates Certificates of Analysis from test results.
  • Under strict management control, allows unapproved materials to be used pending their testing. Will prevent the approval of batches until unapproved ingredients that were used have been successfully approved.
  • Testing of In Process Samples is fully integrated with other testing. Ability to enter adjustments required for Batch. Addition of adjustments is enforced by the MES.
  • Gang Testing is supported.